Transformational Experiences

Breaking a Thought Pattern

“In a high-stress profession like mine, you often find yourself dwelling on crisis situations which negatively impact your personal well-being. Before I learned to meditate and manage my anxiety in the Das Prakash Healing Program, I couldn’t turn off the loop of negativity playing in my mind. Now I think differently and it shows in my work and my life. The stress doesn’t control me anymore, I’m in control of myself and can better handle what comes my way.”

Choosing to Stay

“I was beginning to burn out and was ready to walk away from my career, tossing away all the experiences and training I had received with no goal or particular path in mind. Working through the Transformational Yogic Counselling Certification Program, I realized that instead of leaving, I would become more invested. I began strengthening myself and learned how to help others do the same, including my peers. Before this program, I was someone who added to poor work culture. Now I show up to work and interact with others in a better way. It’s far more energizing and uplifting to be a leader.”

Managing the Highs and Lows

“When things are quiet and calm, I feel good about my life and job; when things are in a crisis mode, the adrenaline and stress can be too much to handle. I realized these extreme highs and lows were wreaking havoc on my nervous system, and for me it wasn’t sustainable, nor is it for anyone. I knew internally that something was off and I needed to correct it. I got serious and invested in the Yoga Therapy Certification Program and learned how to manage my energy. It was the right choice because now I can help others do the same.”

Moving Forward

“As a woman, I sometimes find the information I get to be too general or male-centric. However, in the Yoga and Alternative Medicine sections of my course, the material that specifically focuses on female experiences really connected with me. I’m glad I took the time to work through these programs; I feel like they’re making a big difference. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned. I know it’s material and techniques that I won’t find anywhere else.”

Sustainable Strength and Impact

“I remember someone “getting on my nerves” for months. Their way was always the right way. I let it go for a while until one day I had enough and reacted. We talked about it, they had no idea they came across that way and we ended up being fairly close after that. From my training and self-discovery in the Emotional Healing Certification Program, I’ve learned to be more effective and less reactive. My interpersonal interactions improved which reduced unnecessary drama. Now I’m in a position to help others with personal growth and maturity.”

An Overtrained Body Doesn’t Compensate for an Under-Trained Mind.

“I have tried many different types of fitness and self-improvement techniques. None had long-term staying power, and eventually old patterns re-emerged. I remember when I thought being physically fit was everything, but really, I was barely holding it together. In the Mantra Therapy Certification Program, I developed a daily practice of meditation. Thus far, it’s been the only thing I’ve ever incorporated everyday that brings me peace, balance and consistent strength – in both mind and body. I’ve started looking at myself and my patterns differently. I’ve become less judgmental and conflicted within myself and more supportive of others. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to help others discover the practical value of meditation in their own lives.”


“Having the knowledge, techniques, and skills from the Integrative Healer Certification Program, I’m better prepared to deal with any situation, no matter the complexity or urgency. When I first learned the Das Prakash definition of relaxation as: awake, aware, alert, centered and grounded, conscious, prepared, and present in the midst of anything and everything, it was a game changer for me. This is my new way of approaching everything and I feel qualified to share it with others.”

A One-Year Reset

“I was at a point in life where I felt like I needed some time to try something new and reset my direction. I decided to enroll in the Gap Year Program, where I spent a year getting to know myself, developing healthier wellness habits, and learning how to help others. I practiced Yoga Therapy, explored my own Emotional Healing, discovered Das Prakash Meditation and learned Energy Healing. A huge bonus was the additional revenue I earned through the practicum program; I was able to pay for my course and support myself while I was in transition. Soon after, I started a career working with Youth, which was always a passion of mine. I was able to find my way forward, I just needed to equip myself first. The best part is I am bringing the tools I’ve gained from my Das Prakash training to the kids I work with – they get to start learning and applying these techniques from a young age.”

Positive Returns on My Investment

“I always wanted to find a program that would take me out of my comfort zone, help me grow professionally and personally and support me becoming a leader in my field. The Earn-As-You-Learn Paid Practicum was just the challenge I needed. The great thing about it is you are making money within eight months of starting a certification course. The effort you put in has a positive financial impact while providing you with more practice and facilitator evaluations. The growth I am experiencing and the impact of working with others while earning money is truly rewarding. I never thought any of this was possible, until I invested in making a change.”