What Students Love About This Program

For experienced healers and teachers, Das Prakash therapy provides an avenue for expanding personal and professional practices. For those who are new to the healing arts, this training provides an opportunity for self-discovery and a concrete path to a new career in the burgeoning field of holistic health and healing.

“A new paradigm for healing. It’s fresh and it works!”

Dr. Weisberg, Chicago

“This program has been pivotal for me in my life. It’s amazing.”

K. Poirier, Los Angeles

“My Das Prakash studies paid me back many times over, both financially and in professional satisfaction.”

M. Viveros, Mexico City

“I feel re-configured for success.”

S. Khalsa, Arizona

“Every area of my life has been impacted positively and profoundly.”

I. Munoz, Ecuador

“The training was phenomenal. In a short time, I was able to see concrete results.”

N. Degagne, Vancouver

“I have a whole new sense of who I am, the importance of my life, and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Sangeet, London

“My strength and success helping others today is a direct result of this program.”

K. Burjan, Toronto

“I have experienced profound healing and transformation using the Das Prakash techniques. I’m excited to help others do the same.”

K. White, Windsor

“Das Prakash Healing has completely revolutionized the way I see the world. It has enriched the lives of my clients tremendously.”

C. Reynolds, Virginia

“This program has changed the trajectory of my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.”

S. Smith, Toronto

“The growth I am experiencing and the tremendous value of working with others while earning significant income is truly rewarding.”

C. St-George, Yukon