Professional Impact

Das Prakash Healing in Real Life Situations

Although most professions rely heavily on outsourcing their program facilitators, who better than people like you, working “on-the-ground,” to learn and deliver alternative wellness approaches. You are active day-in and day-out in your field, connecting with colleagues, building trust and rapport with clients, dealing with the complexities of management, reaching out in your community, and seeking balance in the midst of it all. As a Das Prakash student, you are in the ideal position to make a difference in your profession and be at the forefront of transforming self-care and wellness in your field.

Results From Day-One

Das Prakash certification programs give you all the tools and skills you need to improve the quality of your own life, positively impact those around you, and make a significant difference in your line of work.


Imagine the difference you can make working with groups and individuals, including those in your own field. Earn additional income as you practice what you have learned and receive feedback to build your expertise.

Elevate Your Profession

Participate in a specialized online forum with other Das Prakash students in your field. Work together and tailor your newfound skills to apply them in professional settings, locally and around the world.

Transformational Experiences

“There is no doubt in my mind that the alternative healing and Yoga therapy I am learning have an immediate and long-term impact. I have started to realize that I can elevate my profession as I work with others who are also learning the Das Prakash techniques and training. I feel inspired to be more of a leader, making a positive contribution to my field.”

“What I’ve learned through Das Prakash Healing has changed my life. It is about getting stronger instead of just coping, working on developing new patterns instead of just accepting pain, and discovering how to manage energy instead of just reacting. Through the professional forum, I discovered that I am not the only one who is benefiting from these changes and looking to incorporate them at work.”

“With the Das Prakash online curriculum and “Earn-As-You-Learn” practicum, I learned how to facilitate workshops and practiced working one-on-one, fine-tuning my skills and getting paid for my efforts.”

“I am dealing with everything differently which has a positive domino effect in my life. I feel stronger and more resilient. I am less reactive, so my outcomes have better results. My peer and client interactions are also more constructive.”

“The growth I am experiencing and the tremendous value of working with others while earning significant income is truly rewarding. I never thought any of this was possible, until I invested in making a change.”

“I began to use the Das Prakash holistic wellness, Yoga therapy and meditation training to deal with my own issues such as insomnia, fatigue and anxiety, and quickly realized the benefits that others could also have. This has inspired me to connect and share what I’ve learned with others in my profession.”

The Das Prakash Commitment:  There’s A Better Way

Our commitment to you is built on a dedication to personal and on-the-job wellbeing and extends to a vision of lasting change in a variety of fields. Das Prakash programs follow a holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional health, with an emphasis on better ways to get the most out of life and reduce anxiety. The peer impact and professional development opportunities provide incentivized referrals and a global network of like-minded individuals who are working on themselves, helping others, and elevating their professions.