Affiliate Program

Do you want to earn supplemental income?

Do you have a Facebook or Instagram account with 200+ friends or followers?

Do you have an interest in healing and professional development courses or know others who do?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then our Affiliate Program is for you!

How It Works

Getting started is simple! All you have to do is join here and you will receive a personalized affiliate link and online dashboard. Use this link on your website, social media, or newsletter to promote Das Prakash Healing programs and track your enrollment earnings in real-time.

Don’t have a website? No problem! We give you a custom landing page – just like this one – to promote Das Prakash Healing programs. Simply share the web page with your network and encourage students to sign up directly from there. Then watch your earnings grow on your affiliate dashboard.

Congratulations! Every time someone enrolls in a Das Prakash Healing program through your personalized link or custom landing page, your earnings will appear in the affiliate dashboard. Like what you see? Set a target for yourself and watch your earnings grow! Sit tight – your enrollment reward is on its way. 

Working Together

We’re in the business of working together to drive success. Our team is dedicated to the goal of training healers to lead and be of service in communities around the world. The best way to achieve this is by providing students with practical tools, healing protocols, and revenue-building opportunities that they can immediately benefit from in the practicum section of each course. The Affiliate Program was designed to increase our global reach – through you – and to reward our affiliates each time that one of their referrals enrolls in a program. When someone enrolls through your affiliate link, your income grows and a student’s education begins. 

Generous Enrollment Fees

No Minimum or Maximum

Work From Home

Earn unlimited enrollment rewards based on how many students register through you. Share these programs with your personal and professional community. For each new affiliate level that you reach, your compensation will increase.

As an affiliate, you promote Das Prakash Healing courses and build a supplemental income or a successful full-time endeavour. There’s no limit or maximum on how many enrollment referrals you need to make each month.

Become an affiliate from anywhere in the world at any time. Reach out and promote the benefits of Das Prakash Healing with your local and global network. Enjoy the benefits of growing additional income.

Affiliate Earnings

Example of enrollment reward:

Student course fee: $5,995.00
Affiliate fee: 10%

Total Affiliate Enrollment Earnings: $599.50 per certification course

Beta Goal: 10 student enrollments = $5,995.00 in affiliate earnings.

Example of enrollment reward:

Student course fee: $5,995.00
Affiliate fee: 12.5%

Total Affiliate Enrollment Earnings: $749.00 per certification course

Bronze Goal: 40 student enrollments = $29,960.00 in affiliate earnings.

Example of enrollment reward:

Student course fee: $5,995.00
Affiliate fee: 15%

Total Affiliate Enrollment Earnings: $899.50 per certification course

Silver Goal: 50 student enrollments = $44,975.00 in affiliate earnings.

Example of enrollment reward:

Student course fee: $5,995.00
Affiliate fee: 17.5%

Total Affiliate Enrollment Earnings: $1,049.00 per certification course

Reaching gold, affiliates will have earned approximately: $80,930.00. They continue to earn $10,490.00 per 10 enrollments.

Course Catalogue

Certification and Earn-As-You-Learn Programs

  • Yoga Therapy
  • Energy Medicine
  • Mantra Therapy
  • Emotional Healing
  • Integrative Healer (Combined Program)
  • Gap Year (One-Year)

General Interest Courses

Spanish Courses

*Download the PDF with general interest course details in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can become an affiliate at any time by signing up through this form.

Affiliates can promote ALL Das Prakash certification and general interest courses.

At this time, two general interest programs are available in Spanish. Affiliates can promote these courses as well.

Yes, all affiliates can register in any of the Das Prakash courses.

All Das Prakash courses are delivered online through a comprehensive e-learning platform. Live and recorded webinars as well as virtual gatherings are also utilized throughout the programs.

Optional in-person training has been postponed. 

No. At this time, the affiliate reward system is based on cash reward only.

Our system is set to deposit your earnings 60 days after the initial date of purchase.

You can track your earnings at any time on the affiliate dashboard.

Your earnings will be sent directly to you via PayPal.

Yes. If your student referral registers for an additional course through your affiliate link, you will receive an enrollment fee for that as well.

No. Affiliates only receive referral fees when the student enrolls in the first year of a new program.

This is not possible due to the progression of the practicum and personalized study in the second year. 

Earnings are based on your affiliate level – from Beta to Gold – and the net fee per course (less taxes and processing fees). The estimates above are based on first-year certification programs at their full price.

The combined Integrative Healer course and general interest courses have different prices and therefore yield different affiliate earnings.

Note that the fees, sale prices, and exchange rates are subject to change. 

There is no limit to how many students you can refer and how much money you can earn.

For example, at the Beta level:

  • One first-year certification program could yield: $559.50
  • One enrollment in the Integrative Healer program could yield: $2,199.00
  • One general interest program could yield: $4.00 – $240.00

We recommend that you set goals for yourself each month. For instance, a good target for part-time commitment as an affiliate could be one enrollment per week, while more full-time dedication could be one or more a day.

These earnings increase substantially as you move from Beta to Gold affiliate status, based on the number of your student enrollment referrals. 

Yes! We encourage you to refer people from your network to become an affiliate. 

Within a few days of joining the program, you will receive marketing tools that you can use right away:

  • A personalized copy of this website’s landing page to use for promotion and student registration
  • A custom enrollment link to add to your website, social media, or newsletter
  • A downloadable PDF of course details to share
  • You will automatically be subscribed to the monthly affiliate newsletter

When new marketing materials become available, you will be the first to receive them.

Yes, you may create your own promotional materials to use on your own website, social media, or mailing lists. However, these communications and materials must be submitted for approval before sharing or publishing them. This is to ensure accuracy and consistency across all messaging.

Submit your ideas and marketing materials for approval at:

Yes. Affiliates will be the first now to know about all new Das Prakash Healing offerings.

There are no restrictions to your affiliate outreach. We encourage you to promote within your own community and network and also expand globally. Go for it!

Yes. Whether you are promoting Das Prakash™ on your own website, on social media, or via email newsletter, you are required to include a disclaimer stating that you are an affiliate of Das Prakash Healing and Innovation Learning Systems Inc.. While using your custom affiliate page, you do not need to write anything additional, however in all communication with potential referrals, it is necessary to include the fact that you are an affiliate and are promoting the Das Prakash Healing courses for this reason. Review the Affiliate Terms and Conditions thoroughly before you sign up to understand how and when to share this information.

More and more people are working from their homes and are looking for ways to supplement their income. Healing and wellness is more in-demand than ever. With Das Prakash programs, our students can both educate themselves online and build their own business and career in this growing field.

Our affiliate program is very popular because it is effective, develops good will, promotes health and quality programming, and most importantly, helps people like you to earn substantial income remotely. 

Become a Das Prakash affiliate to share healing and wellness, and earn additional income. Join a global effort of people like you who are growing their businesses and working to make a difference in the world.