About Yogi Akal

Yogi Akal is a pioneer in working with the total being, personally and professionally. Since 1973, he has traversed the globe training healers and therapists, and has been an influential advocate for human rights, gender equality, and children everywhere. He was the first yogi to be elected to a national board for peace and international security in Canada and served as an NGO representative at the United Nations. Yogi Akal also broke new ground with his community safety and stabilization program, which has been successfully implemented at local and international levels.

Known for his straightforward communication and groundbreaking Renaissance Mind™ and Stress-Away™ programs, Yogi Akal guides world leaders, CEOs, and other key influencers at the top of their fields to achieve maximum results, overcome obstacles, and go beyond their expectations. Through his Global Leadership Summit, he addresses current and emergent issues at the highest level.

His comprehensive Das Prakash™ training programs in alternative medicine and Yoga Therapy are innovating how teachers and healers lead and are of service in countries around the world.