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Das Prakash™ Integrative Healing

Das Prakash is the most ancient and treasured of all healing paths. “Das” means “ten”. “Prakash” means “radiance”. The Integrative Healing program is the study of these ten radiances that form the whole Self. It teaches a unique form of therapy that can swiftly and effectively optimize every aspect of the Self. Students learn to attune the ten radiances at the most profound level for healing and transformation.


Reimagine Your Career

Be at the Forefront of Change

Holistic healing and Yoga are currently multi-billion dollar industries and are projected to grow significantly in the coming years. More and more people are using these techniques and approaches in ways they haven’t thought of before. Demand is constantly increasing for expert guidance and training in these areas.

Das Prakash Healing is at the forefront of this global development. The system introduces a new set of protocols for healing. Practitioners learn how to create an immediate positive transformation within the human ecosystem and adjust the magnetic and energetic frequency for any being.

The Das Prakash Integrative Healer program is highly recommended for experienced healers and medical professionals, Yoga practitioners, teachers, therapists, and counselors. However, the program is open to everyone. For those who are new to the healing arts, this training provides an opportunity for self-discovery and a concrete path to a new career in the burgeoning field of holistic health and healing.

Two-Year Certification Program

Self-Paced and Always Available Online

Through a combination of therapeutic yogic technology and holistic healing, students learn to effectively map, root, rearrange, heal, and reset purpose, strength, and vitality.

The first year of the Das Prakash Integrative Healer program comprises five terms of twelve weeks each. Through online learning, independent study and testing, students become proficient in ten body yoga, meditation, yogic numerology transformational counseling, emotional healing, energy medicine, gross and subtle anatomy, breathwork, business building, treatment and assessment protocols, and much more. They also build their leadership and outreach capabilities through networking projects and community service.

The second year is devoted to practicum, where students apply what they have learned and practiced in the holistic and therapeutic arts and sciences to effectively work with groups and individuals.

After the two-year program, students can apply to continue their studies and develop expertise through advanced independent guided study, applied specializations, and Das Prakash teacher training.

A New Paradigm for Human Understanding, Development & Healing


Train to become a Das Prakash Healer through a rigorous 24-month online program that includes engaging lessons, thought-provoking assignments, independent study, challenging projects, testing, and practicum.


Facilitate profound healing experiences and apply Das Prakash transformational protocols as you work with your local community and global network as a trained professional. 


Leverage practice-ready material during practicum to work with your clients in individual and group settings. Earn back a significant portion of your tuition as you complete the field-work.
Tuition Fee: USD $15,000.00